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On September 27, 2008 North Penn Puppy Mill
Watch celebrated 100 consecutive Saturday
rallies to raise awareness about the pet
shop/puppy mill connection in Lansdale, PA

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1005  1006
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 100R1  100R2
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On September 16, 2008 advocates from
across Pennsylvania, including NPPMWatch,
headed for Harrisburg to demonstrate to
elected officials the need for HB-2525

NPPMWATCH Members  07060803
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We Remember:  A vigil was held for 80 puppy
mill dogs who were shot to death by a heartless
breeder in Berks County.  On August 15, 2008
advocates gathered to pay tribute to their lives.

AVigilS  BVigilS
CVigilS  DVigilS
EVigilS  FVigilS
GVigilS  HVigilS


On May 14, 2008 NPPMWatch was on hand in
Harrisburg, PA when legislation to be known as
House Bill 2525 was introduced by state rep
Jim Casorio.  Mill dogs and advocates attended.

2525Rally3T  2525Rally4T
2525Rally6T  2525Rally5T
2525Rally2T          2525Rally1T


On March 11, 2008 NPPMWatch and fellow
advocates from across the commonwealth
travelled to Harrisburgh to support to limited
tethering bill: HB-1065.

1065T2  1065T3
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During December, 2007 NPPMWatch
geared up for the winter holidays to
deter the purchase of puppies for
holiday presents and also hosted their first
well attended Christmas Eve demo

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